2022 Disc Golf Tournament is sponsored by AMS Insurance Group

Disc Golf Tournament

Come play some disc golf! Discs are included with your registration. This is a beginner-friendly event, all are welcome.
Register ahead of time to get the complete player's pack with a bag, three discs and some accessories for $30. On-site registration is available but
includes only the 3 discs for $23 (cash only).

How It Works
PAR2 is a casual, unsanctioned tournament with holes 180 feet and under. The goal is to run at aces, card 2’s, and have fun. Whoever scores the lowest round wins. Players must use the provided discs in their player's pack for all throws. It is a great way to promote the sport of disc golf, involve all skill levels, and have a great time!

Minimum 1 round of 18 holes, to as many you can play in a day, with only your lowest score recorded.

PAR2 Replay
Replays are $5 per additional round - get a fresh score card from the registration table.

Course Layout
Holes are 180' and under. All holes are Par 2.

Entry Fees
Entry fees are $30. Entry fees include one full round of play, and the included Player's Package. On-site registration will be available for $23, but only includes three discs, not the bag or accessories.

Player Package
The 2021 PAR2 Player's Pack consists of:

P Model S - Custom PAR2 stamp
P Model US - Custom PAR2 stamp
M Model S - Custom PAR2 stamp
Microfibre towel

Player's are required to use the discs included in the Player's Package, and only these discs.

Prize Package
The prizes for each PAR2 event are Prodigy Disc full color discs for winners of each of the 6 divisions with $20 gift cards, along with $20 gift certificates for the runners up.

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