Granite Medallion Hunt is sponsored by Bryce Deter State Farm Insurance Agent

The 2023 Granite Chip has been FOUND!!!!!

The chip was found today, June 29, around 9:45 a.m. under the waste basket in Water Tower Park.
The lucky winners are a team of experienced Chip Hunters - first-time champs!
Heather Bahn, Hailey Bahn (6), Gabbi Bahn (4)
Tricia Baldwin, and Willow Baldwin (3)
Since they had Delano Royalty buttons, they win an extra $100, bringing their grand prize total to $300!
Congratulations! And thank you to our Granite Chip sponsors Bryce Deter- State Farm Insurance

Granite Medallion Hunt

Friday June 23rd, 7:00 am

Clues will be posted to social media and the website daily.

The person(s) that find the Granite Chip Medallion win a Cash prize of $200.

If they have a 2023 Delano Royalty Button, they will receive an additional $100.

For a total of $300.